Day 5 was just as fun as the rest of the week, minus the fact that it felt like -20 outside with the windchill and we could not be out there for more than 5 minutes, hence the outcome of our photos! These are more natural and fun because we were on a time crunch […]

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On Day 4, I opted for this cool and classic all white with hints of black outfit. I love white, and when I found these high waist trousers, I could not wait to pair them. White is elegant and crisp, and I really wanted my bag and shoes to stand out as well, which is why I […]

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Hey Guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a very long time. In my defence I have my putting a lot of my time and energy into my program at school and its final projects. I most recently wrapped my first ever creative photo shoot for my styling class. Going into this program, I was certain I […]

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On Day 5, I wanted to play with edge so naturally I went with black again but broke it up with the taupe trench and cameo Prada bag.  The plunge neckline, my stunna shades and MAC’s Cyber lipstick, were to be the focal points of the outfit that really embodied edge and I believe I […]

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On Day 4, my feet were just about ready to kill me so I had to swap the heels for booties and give my feet a rest. On Day 4 I decided to wear a black slip dress and accentuate it with this patterned sleeved blazer and all of its glory. This blazer was a […]

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  On Day 3, I couldn’t resist but to wear my signature red hat from last season. I opted for this look because I wanted to portray the classic feminine aesthetic that I love so much, and the hat was the perfect touch that put my outfit over the edge. I attended the Toronto Fashion […]

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Day 2 of #WMCFW consisted of an all black outfit to accentuate my deep red peacoat. I was bound to go the all black route at some point this week, so I figured I would get it over with early on. This coat is one of my favourite fall pieces because of its colour, and […]

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