Day 5 was just as fun as the rest of the week, minus the fact that it felt like -20 outside with the windchill and we could not be out there for more than 5 minutes, hence the outcome of our photos! These are more natural and fun because we were on a time crunch […]

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Hey Guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a very long time. In my defence I have my putting a lot of my time and energy into my program at school and its final projects. I most recently wrapped my first ever creative photo shoot for my styling class. Going into this program, I was certain I […]

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Day 2 of #WMCFW consisted of an all black outfit to accentuate my deep red peacoat. I was bound to go the all black route at some point this week, so I figured I would get it over with early on. This coat is one of my favourite fall pieces because of its colour, and […]

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