My Time at WMCFW


My very first experience at Toronto Fashion Week was definitely one I will always remember. I first have to acknowledge my internship at Rent frock Repeat, which is a Canadian company offering women the option to rent designer dresses for up to 90% off their retail cost. Being a social media intern, I was able to attend three shows on Friday of designers we carry in our showroom and review the new collections. From the moment I stepped out of the subway doors my nerves kicked in a tiny bit which surprised me because usually I get extremely nervous for everything, but for some reason my confidence and excitement totally overpowered my nerves and I knew a great day was upon me. Judging by my above outfit, you can see that I decided to go the all black route and make a statement with my red hat and boy did it work! This hat was the best money I have ever spent and I wonder if I would have attracted as much attention as I did if I wasn’t wearing it. As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of David Pecaut Square I began to experience a dose of my first ever 15 minutes of fame. I was instantly mobbed by a swarm of photographers making me feel extremely important and special (lol) so I owned it and made it seem like I have been to plenty of fashion weeks prior. Finally I make it inside and I approach registration where I expressed that I was on the designer guest list and they checked off my name and handed me my tickets. By that time I was already performing somersaults on the inside, but I made sure to turn it down and play it cool. Inside the venue was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The Maybelline counter filled the center of the room, while SONY and Mercedes took up the right corner and behind it was a bar where all the incredibly chic people were conversing and sippin champagne. I just stood there and took it in, realized where I was standing and felt like I have finally found a place where I belong and am confident I can succeed. After my philosophical rant going on inside my head, I started to make my rounds and analyze my surroundings before heading to the first show which took place in the studio, Hilary MacMillan. Her designs were a mix of plaid, furs, metallics and cut outs, which are components of really fun and wearable looks (see pictures below). Next was Madame Moje, which took place on the runway and boy, did that make my insides flutter. I was sitting third row with “designer guest” on my seat making me feel even more important, and I was facing a long runway amongst some very fashionable people. Madame Moje’s collection included peplum (which I guess will be making a comeback), lots of color, and many fabulous dresses that RfR can definitely make room for in the showroom. Finally, I attended the Narces show which consisted of sequin and sparkles, lace, tulle, and gorgeous gowns.

My overall fashion week experience due to my hat popularity, first “paparazzi” experience, being surrounded by swarms of fashionable people, attending the shows, being seated as a designer guest, and just the feeling I felt inside all day long, is definitely unforgettable. I know this is such a rookie of me post, but I genuinely had one of the most amazing days to date and I really wanted to share it with you guys.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presettumblr_n2u7iwPwBM1r19cyzo1_1280Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetfullsizeoutput_1c0f


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