Day 1

Sid Neigum: Sculptural Fashion

As I said last season, Sid Neigum is definitely my favourite Canadian designer right now. He was the winner of the Mercedes Benz Start Up and debuted his F/W15 collection on Day 1. The structure of his pieces are modern and abstract, as if he is beyond our time. These characteristics combined with his monochromatic aesthetic makes for a lustful and wearable collection. Watch out for Sid cause I have a feeling he is going to be Canada’s next big thing!

Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.06.04 Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.06.15 Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.06.24

Day 2

Melissa Nepton: Romantic Warriors

This collection was one of my favourites this season. It’s elements consisted of black and white, fur, peplum variations and color-blocking. It was modernized and honestly, I would wear every single thing she put out on that runway. It was really fresh and crisp, and I loved the way she didn’t just stick to black and white or just a bunch of colours; the collection was diversified and gave every consumer something to wear.

  Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.59.31

 Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.59.18

Day 3

Malorie Urbanovitch

Since last season, Malorie’s collections have been my favourite. Her uses of colour and boxy silhouettes makes it really easy to want every piece from her collection and I will definitely be rocking some of it this fall 2015. Trousers, culottes, and crops= modern and on trend collection.

Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.42.27 Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.43.14












Day 4

Farley Chatto: Russian Opulence

Farley Chatto’s show stood out to me because of its eye-popping richness and culture. It was extremely hard to take your eyes off anything for those 15 minutes. The furs were elegant and extremely detailed, and all the accessories from hats, sashes, and scarves, were truly mesmerizing. I also really enjoyed the way he used props in his show that contributed to the overall theme. It was different and I really enjoyed the way the entire show was put together.

Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.52.36Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.52.43

Screenshot 2015-03-28 15.52.53

Day 5

Mikael D: Mystical China

This collection was undoubtedly, the best of the week. One word to sum it up: detail. When a designer spends so much time & effort and puts so much attention into the details, your collection is bound to come out like this one.

Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.09.30

Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.09.43

Screenshot 2015-03-28 16.09.08

All in all, it was another eventful week in Toronto, and I am grateful to have been able to see all of Canada’s tremendous talent. Until next season, xoxo.

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