This being my first post of 2015- I wanted to do something different. I started this blog to express myself freely, with style, fashion, and my opinions. Starting in 2015, I want to dedicate more time expressing myself and my thoughts on my blog. I do not necessarily want my blog to be full of ootd posts, etc, I want it to be more than that- away from the ordinary.

Therefore, I want to begin by addressing the debate on what defines “blogging” and the characteristics involved. Remember this is my outlook, it does not mean you have to agree.

When it comes to the term “fashion blogger”, what exactly does that entail? It is a never ending debate but here is my take on it (feel free to let me know what you think). Is it the need to post your outfit everyday, find cool backdrops, make everything black and white? Is this the blogger criteria that needs to be followed in order to come across as cool and minimal in order to build a reader base? Being as that is the theme of a lot of popular blogs, I feel like the meaning behind being a blogger becomes flawed.

The idea of developing a personal blog should be just that- personal. It should not mean conforming to what everyone else is doing- which don’t get me wrong, is difficult, especially when there is such a strong fan base behind some of those themes. I am beginning to feel like the idea of blogging has become very redundant and totally unoriginal. All the photos are the same, the poses are the same, it is hard to set people apart. My point is where do we draw the line when it comes to originality; if you are original, there will be people who will relate to you and people who won’t, and that’s okay. Just do you- because if it works for you, it will work for other people too.

Something else I have noticed when it comes to blogging is the idea that if you have all the designer items in the world, you can call yourself a fashion blogger. Blogging for me does not mean show off your Céline bag and Louboutin collection because to the majority, that is a fantasy.

Appreciating fashion involves having a fashion education- by this I mean acquiring background knowledge, not just knowing how to walk into the store and buying a Céline bag.

If at 22 (my age for example purposes only), you are privileged with the affordability to buy lump sums of designer items, this does not necessarily mean you know fashion, and is not a free pass to call yourself a blogger. That is not realistic and blogging should be relatable, because people are reading to find real inspiration and things that they can do themselves, not envy over your bag collection and move on. To me, the point of defining yourself as a style blogger is when people reflect on your outfits that come from Forever 21, and look like they are from Holt Renfrew.

For me, true style is being able to put something together without having to be in designer from head to toe- because that is breaking the bank to look good and probably means you need all the help you can get.

If you have a true eye for detail and knack for quality- consider yourself lucky, because I am sure you will have a lot more resting in the bank than those who must prove themselves by dressing in head to toe Givenchy.

Now, don’t get this twisted, because I love me some designer, and I do have a few pieces in my collection, but when I do finally get that bag, I can assure you I have worked hard, saved my hard earned money, and purchased something that I know will be in my closet forever. But when it comes to my daily shopping, honestly, I can manage really well in Forever 21 & Zara, and I think that is why people can appreciate what I do. It is realistic, relatable, and its natural, and those are the defining characteristics I believe blogging should be, a real and raw experience.

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