Hey y’all. I want to talk about one of my latest purchases that I have been dying to debut, my Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel with gold hardware. This bag being as popular as it is, I wanted to go with something other than the traditional black with silver or gold hardware (something about me: I don’t always take the safe and comfortable route; taking a little fashion risk doesn’t intimidate me, even when I am spending a pretty penny). When it came to purchasing time, I was faced with a choice and the little voice of reason in my head that was telling me to be safe and go for black, it goes with everything, you can’t go wrong, blah blah (sometimes it is very hard to say no to that voice). But as you can see, I decided on the meringue, first because it is different and I haven’t seen the colour on anyone yet, and secondly I figured like black, I can still wear it with everything and I loved the way it contrasts with the gold hardware on the sides and bottom.

PS: I was out shopping with this bag the other day and while in a store the employee made her way to me to tell me how she found glory that I went with this colour over the black, and that it is a fashion risk done right (quote unquote).

P.S.S: How cute are my shorts?? So perfect when I want to be comfortable because I can dress them up and down, and they are super girly which is what I live for.



Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel (Meringue, sold out…black here)

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Nine West

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